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Agyang Daebong Persimmon Village
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Agyang Daebong Persimmon Village which used to be Nangnoguk back in the Byeonhan era has a long history. It was originally a part of Jinjumok Agyanghyeon and was called 'Dunwi'. It had a Confucian temple and a school belonging to it and was incorporated into Hadong area in 1702. During the reorganization of administrative districts in 1914, it became Chukji-ri..

Chukji-ri is composed of big plains and small plains.  Because it is situated in a basin, the village has mild climate, high precipitation and the villagers can practice environment friendly organic farming.  Thus, the village is known as the main producing place of Daebong persimmons and is one of the best examples of a welfare agricultural village that differentiate its agricultural products' taste and quality from those of other areas.

As the Seomjin River full of clean water and Choechampandaek, the scene of Bak Gyeongri's famous novel 'Toji' are located nearby the village, a lot of tourists visit the village throughout the year. We have outstanding local specialties including all kinds of wild edible greens and especially Daebong persimmon which used to be a present to the king. Thus, we are expected to play a major role in attracting tourists through information network and increasing local incomes.     


Traffic Information (Routes)

●Seoul : Gyeongbu Expressway(Jungbu Expressway) - Honam Expressway - Jeonju IC - Namwon - Gurye - Hwagae-Agyang

●Busan : Namhae Expressway - Masan - Jinju - Hadong IC - Hadong - Agyang

●Gwangju : Namhae Expressway - Gokseong(Seokgok IC) - Gurye - Hwagae - Agyang

●Daegu : Guma Expressway - Namhae Expressway -Hadong(C) -Hadong-Agyang 88 Expressway-Namwon-Gurye-Hwagae-Agyang


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