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Wolchon Village
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Wolchon, the name, originates from its shape that looks like a half-moon. Watermelons are the village's specialty and grow in a huge house area of the plain called "floating swamp". Wolchon village is located about 17km south of Haman county, neighboring with Euryung county with a boundary of Namkang riverside.
Located close to Namkang riverside, the village has gifts of nature for house cultivation, the fertile plain and an abundant source of water. With these natural conditions, Wolchon watermelon, the village's indigenous product, has been grown first in Wolchon area since 1800s and it became more famous due to the adoption of the house cultivation technology in 1960s and by now 70% of the country's entire production of winter season come from Wolchon.
It is a neighboring village to Kunbuk IC on the Namhae highway with 90% of the population living in the downtown area. Agricultural production in the region takes over 2000 square (what?) of land and processes 60 tons of produce for five months from April every year. It plays a role in gathering all kinds of farm products from Haman and Euryung, as a village of nation wide merchants.

It is a plain area with southern coastal weather. The average temperature of the year is 13.2℃ with the highest, 31.5℃ and the lowest, -5.9℃. It has the average rainfall of 100m/m(1,199.4m/m) and rain days of a year, 69 days.

Agricultural environments
Haman county has a total area of 416.75㎢(0.45% of the country, 3.9% of Gyeongnam). The largest myeon is Kunbuk of 80.46㎢, and the smallest one is Yeohang of 28.39㎢. The indigenous agricultural product of Wolchon is watermelon and the topography of the area is high in south and low in north.
It is where the water inverses and Nakdong River meets with Nam River, and the land around the river is broad. Watermelons grow with rich soil and mild winter weather, and by the old and excellent cultivation skills.
It is a region with the convenient transportation and within a day living zone from near large towns due to the active traffic of agricultural products, and also there are Namhae highway from east to west, and Guma highway from north down to south, and Kyungjun rail way passes through the center of the village, which connects the Youngnam and the Honam districts.

Wolchon, Haman with the history of Aarakaya, as the splendid history shows, are born again as an example of the information-oriented villages through e-business and the plan of a theme park for the creation of a bank connecting Waryongjung and Jungamjin.
In order to first, fully equip the industrial base that can face the changes of information society such as advances of the information- orientation and internationalization, changes of consumer's life style, innovation of agricultural technologies, and next to support more systematic and effective production activities for the development in a harmony with local communities, is proposed vision for future agriculture that always seeks for opportunities of creating local businesses and the agricultural life harmonized with its environments through activating and preparing.

Geographical environment
Wolchon area is big, compared to the other natural villages in Kunbuk-myeon, Hamam County. It is in the south of the county and there are Gayaee-eup in the east and Jinju city in the west.
It neighbors to Bupsu-myeon and Euryung county in its north and 11.48km to south and 8.2km from west Hamam. Since the mountain ridge-lines in southwest are overlapped complicatedly and the rest of mountain range is extended to north, its feature is high in south and low in north. It is surrounded by Yeohwangsan and Baegisan in south, in south Bangyeosan, Sambongsan in the east.
Namkang's main stream flows to northwest and makes the land of Wolchon and Jangji rich. It has the best environmental condition for the cultivation of watermelon.

Chronicle and Origins
Wolchon village has three small villages, Wolchon, Eibong, and Jungam in Wonchon-ri, Kunbuk-myeon, Haman county, Gyeongnam. It has been called Anwolachon since 1592 until Wolchon became a member village of Juknam-myeon after Korean administrative district level 'ri' were changed to the higher one 'myeons' in late Chosun dynasty and in March 1, 1914, during the Bugun-myeon rearrangement, was it merged with near Namsan-myeon, getting under the jurisdiction of Namsan-myeon. From January 1, 1933, Wolchon-myeon was once under the control of Wolchon office of Kunbuk-myeon, and now is placed a resident center.

Jungamjin in Jungam, Wolchon, which is the intersecting point between Haman and Euryung. It used to be a famous ferry site through which all kinds of cargo, including vehicles and people, were carried. The ferry is also the place where one of the fiercest battle took place during the Japanese invasion in 1592.
The land, a part of Euryung County, was very close across the ferry. It was also a gate to central Gyeongnam where people always passed to go to Masan via Haman and to Jinju via Euryung. Traders and residents had to pass the ferry in order to go to Hamanjang and Euryungjang.
It is written in Hamjuji that it is 15.2km north to Kunsung, and there are two origins, one of which came out of Duryusan, and the other one of which came out from Hamyang county, joined at Kwangtansang, passed Choksukru, to the south and has become Chungchun, passed through Eopungjung and Shibwandang to arrive at Jungam and finally to become this ferry finally. And it flew to the south, became Pungtan, Ahyunyeon, Chukdangjin , and got to south Yonghwasan and has gone into Nakdong River. There is an official ship at Jungam ferry and a private ship is at Chukdang ferry.

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Wolchon Village
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