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Seobyeon Village
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Village Guide

Geochang is famous for its historical, tourist attractions, and beautiful nature. Seobyeon located in the northern area of Geochang is also the place where history and legend is alive with cultural assets and tradition.
Geochang was developed on the basis of courtesy and it is surrounded by high mountains in the edge of Deokyu Mountains, being the boundary between Jeollabuk-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do as high and steep peaks of the Sobeak Mountains. From these they flow to Muju Gucheondong valley in the north and they reach to Nakdong River crossing Geochang in the south. Due to the deeply graceful and beautiful environment, it is famous for abundant tourism resources, clean air and traditional culture.
Geochang had been called as Geoyul, Geoni, Handeul, Alim and Geochang due to wide field, was called as Geochang in the 16th year of King Gyeongdeok of Shinla Dynasty (757), called as various names while being divided and combined with neighboring area and revised as Geochang Gun in the 32nd year of King Gojong of Joseon Dynasty (1895). It produced many scholars.

Especially, Seobyeon of Geochang is a valley village surrounded by high mountains and has produced many scholars, and many loyal troops in times of national crisis. Many mountain fortress walls prove it. Seobyeon of Geochang has clean air and water and a beautiful clean environment and unpolluted hill folk and its difference in daily temperature is significant.
Therefore, this village has God's blessing of natural weather conditions ideal for cultivating fruit or crops and produces the best crops with a high degree of freshness, sweetness, and storage life.
Seobyeon village is composed of Wonseobyeon village and Wondongbyeon village. Mogok Stream flowing between two villages flows from the southern part of Wondongbyeon village to southeastern part of Saji village and meets Awol Stream in front of Yangpyeong village. This Awol Stream approaches to Hwang River and then to Nakdong River.
It was said that, because this Mogok Stream overflows in the rainy season of summer, people made it to flow rightly through making this stream straight. It was said that Dongbyeon-ri and Seobyeon-River divided by Mogok Stream because there were Wondongbyeon village in the east of Mogok Stream and Wonseobyeon village in the west of one. In other story, it was said that east and west were classified on the basis of north, the upper stream of river, after selecting that river flows to the south.

History and Origin of Village
There are Wolcheon Elementary School, Seobyeon Branch of Post office and Wolcheon Branch of Geochang-eup Nonghyup in Seobyeon -ri. There was myeon Hall of Oe-myeon and Wolcheon-myeon in old time. Recently, Wonseobyeon Village is being called as 「Mogok」·「Mojjil」. It was said that family name, Heaju Oh moved from Jisan and resided here 500 years ago.
There were small valleys such as Yeongsangol, Huinbi, Seongol, Jibgol, Satgol, Batgol, Jangsatgol and Jajinenggol between small mountains in southwest of village. There were steep roads such as Makjea, Dalseonggogae crossing them. There were Eameolibatdeul in the west, Deahandeul in the southwest, Buchigideul in the south, Beondapdeul in the east and Gulpyeongdeul and Geomeundeul in the southeast.

Village Environment
It is an important spot between from Geochang area to Deagu, Kimcheon, Kwangju and Jinju. There are branch offices, branch organizations, tax offices and fire stations controlling three Guns and a lot of financial institutions.
There are fields under 200m above sea level such as Handeul, Gongsudeul, Wolcheondeul and strawberries, Bok watermelons, apples and pears are famous as indigenous products. Geochan-eup, center of education, is developing as an important city of the northwest area of Gyeongsangnam-do
Geographical Features

It is located in the center of Gun and facing Gajo-myeon in the east, Mari-myeon in the west, Namsang-myeon in the south and Jusang-myeon in the north.

Ranges stretching from Gumgui Mountain of the northeast to southeast direction to Namha-myeon in the east and to Jusang-myeon in the north, Chiul Mountains stretching in the northwest to Geonhng Mountain to Mari-myeon in the south, and a range from Mangduk Mountain to Gwansul Mountains to the east of Mari-myeon and Buk-dong of Hamyang County and a range stretching from the southeast of Gwansul Mountains to Nakha Mountain and to Namsang-myeon in the south. In the edge of Awol Stream and Hwang River, there are Handeul, Gongsudeul and Wolcheondeul.

It has typical inland climate while being located in the mountain area of Yeongnam, being affected much from continental climate, having severe difference of daily temperature, significant rainy areas, hot in the summer and cold in winter.

When coming by car (from Seoul)
- Kimcheon - Chinju National Road No.3 - Geochang County - Jusang-myeon - Wolcheon - Seobyeon Village -Geochang-eup (It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes)
- Chinju - Geochang-eup - Wolcheon - Seobyeon Village (It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes)
- Daejeon - Chinju direction: Deajeon - Chinju Highway - 88 highway in Hamyang County turning point - Daegu direction - Geochang IC - Geochang-eup - Wolcheon - Seobyeon Village (Kimcheon direction)
- Daegu-Kwangju direction): 88Highway - Geochang IC - Geochang-eup - Wolcheon - Seobyeon Village (Kim Cheon direction) (It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes)

Mass Transfortation
- Seoul: Ride Geochang Express Bus in Yangjea Dong Nambu Terminal (It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes)
- Seoul : Ride Geochang Express Bus in Gangbyeon Dongseoul Bus Terminal (It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes)
- Busan : Ride Geochang Express Bus in Gamjeon Dong Seobu Bus Terminal (Via Hyeonpung, Golyeong), (It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes)
- Daegu : Ride Geochang Express Bus in Seobu Bus Terminal (It takes 1hour and 10 minutes)
- Kwangju : Ride Daegu Express Bus in Bus Terminal(It takes 3 hours)
- Kimcheon : Ride Geochang Express Bus in Bus Terminal (It takes 1hour and 10 minutes)
- Chinju : Ride Geochang Express Bus in Bus Terminal (It takes 1hour and 40 minutes)
Transfer bus in Sudong-myeon, Hamyang County
- Taxi : It takes five minutes, Fee: about 3,000 won
- Local Bus: Goje-myeon, Ungyang-myeon and Gulye village directions(Interval of 30 minutes, it takes 30 minutes)

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Seobyeon Village
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