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Deoksil_village introduction
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Village Location and Introduction



Duksil village is the center of the village of loyalty - Uiryung-gun - and is located near the kun office. In the standard of Uiryung-eup, it is situated 2km away from the south-west of 1037 national road. It is a pure village along Namgang which forms harmony with Ungok village and Chuksil village.

The main products of Duksil village - Daebong persimmon and Daebong dried persimmon - are produced in the high tech facilities. These products are produced with the joint brand called "Toyoae" and they are contributing to the increase in farmland income through establishment of differentiated marketing strategies and sales. Their taste and quality have great reputation.

Also, in addition to Uiryung's traditional food - Soigogi gukbab and soba(buckwheat noodles) - Manggaedduk adds delight of Uiryung.


Ungok village has a long gully to the southwest of Uiryung-eup with several villages linked to each other and the village is normally called Duksil. Today's Uiryung-eup was divided into Poongduk and Dukgok and the villages were called Gahang, Namdukgok and Hayangdong. Later, during the reorganization of administration district and the organization of the names of dong and ri, the names were changed into sang(upper)·joong(middle)·ha(lower) in the standard of namjae. Today's village is joong-ri in the perspective of administration district, and Chukgok was included - the native name of Chukgok is Jasil.

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