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chilsan melon vaillage
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Namhae Express Way crosses west-east on the southern part of Chilsan and the town is adjacent to the ramp close to Jangyu and Seokimhae IC. Therefore, Gyeongnam Gimhae Chilsan Melon Village is contributing to the economy of Chilsan by producing their specialty of melon with advantageous natural environment and convenient traffic. (village_info.jpg)


Kimhae has been called Geumgwan-gun or Geumgwansogyeong since Shinra Empire. It is the source of Gaya culture with long history possessing the broad Gimhae plain adjacent to the big city of Busan. In 42, King Suro Kim founded Garakguk to rule over six Gaya nations. It was called Geumgwan-gun at the time of 10th Garakguk King Guhyeong. After the unification of Three Empires, it was renamed Gimhae Sogyeong by King Munmu originating its current name, Gimhae.

Village Data

Jul 1. 1981: Gimhae-eup was promoted to Gimhae-si and named Chilsan-dong, one of 10 dongs.
Sep 12. 1998: Named Chilsanseobu-dong combining Chilsan and Seobu.




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