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Theme Sightseeing [ Spring/Mineral Spring Resort ]
[Banglimwon ]
Banglimwon , 5,000 pyeong, filled with the domestic and foreign wild flowers collected for tens of years , is a pleasant place making people happy. Seeing 3, 000 wild flowers from Europe, Africa, Am...
[Magok Hot Springs]
Magok Hot Springs has a hot bath, heated bath, cold bath, massage bath, outdoor bath, and dry/wet saunas. The facility includes several pleasant, spacious lounges and locker rooms. In particular, Ma...
[Gajo Hot Spring]
Hot spring is groundwater which erupted from the ground naturally or dug and drilled artificially. Its temperature should be higher than the overage temperature of the region or groundwater in shallow...
[Deokgu Hot Springs]
Deokgu Hot Springs is known as 'Korea’s one and only natural hot springs’ and about 43℃ low-alkali hot spring water springs up to 5m each year with no power supply.
[Shingwangwon Bath]
The hot spring water in Shingwangwon is 100% “natural spring water” with no chemical additives.
[Hongcheon Spa ]
It is in Hongcheon spa resort (composite hot spring resort) opened in 1998. It is the unique riverside hot spring in domestic, which has a good scenery and the water containing alkaline sodium bicarbo...
[Magamsan Mountain climbing course and Yeoju Spa ]
The highest mountain (388m) in the neighboring area The view is great as Yeojup Field and Namhangang River are shown from the summit.
[Bugok springs ]
It is unknown when exactly the Bugok springs were formed but Yeongsanhyeonjo, an ancient book, has a record to read ‘the springs were in the southeast of the area, about 17 ri (about 4 miles) away. No...
[Sinbuk Spa]
Sinbuk Spa Location: Deokdun-ri of Sinbuk-myeon As the best baking soda hot spring gushes out from 600 meters under the
[Sungui royal palace]
National historical relics No. 223 San 10, Ami-ri, Misan-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do Sunguijeon is a shrine where the mortuary tablets of kings including Wanggeun, the fonder of Goryo and loy...
[lacquer tree medicinal water well]
Name of medicinal water well : Lacquer tree medicinal water well Lacquer tree medicinal water well of Yeon-Cheon Corea Village, one of no more than 5 more or less nationwide lacquer tree wells has be...
[Multonggol Springs]
Multonggol Springs is so popular that it named the village Multonggol Village. As elders say their spring water is effective for stomach and intestines trouble and skin diseases, Multonggol is charac...
[Ulsan Hot Springs]
Ulsan Hot Springs of Bal-ri, Onyang-eup, Ulju with public baths and hot springs indoor pool was opened in Aug 1990.
[Yuseong Hot Springs]
Yuseong Hot Springs is forming Yuseong Hot Springs Complex in a 95ha-wide property at Bongmyeong-dong, Yuseong, Daejeon. Yuseong Hot Springs is good for metabolism by enhancing the blood circulation.
[Mungyeong Hot Springs]
Mungyeong Hot Springs was appointed a tourists’ attraction on Jan 26. 1998 after it was appointed a hot springs complex in Gyeongsangbuk Province in late 1995. Therefore, about 265ha-wide Hot Springs ...
[Natural Water Springs]
Natural Water Springs, the natural base-rock springs with 1000-year history. History says that ‘When the Incheon harbor was opened for trading, rocks were dug from Gubong Island Quarry; and when a str...
[Sobaek Mountains Punggi Hot Springs]
[ 2nd Seokgul Cavern Hot Springs Tourism Hotel ]
Introduction of 2nd Seokgul Cavern Hot Springs located nearby the Apple Village of Palgong Mountains in Gunwi.
[Osaek Springs]
Osaek Springs is attracted by many people with its stinging taste as a soda. A legend says that it was named after a tree that bears five differently-colored fruits nearby the springs.
[Duc San Spa ]
The history of Duc San Spa is predicting started from 500~600 years ago according to the record of Duc Mt. Hyun Cho of Dong Kuk Ye Ji Sung Ram, and also on Duc Mt. Hyun Cho, Chung Chyung Do(忠淸道) of S...
[Deokgu Hot Spring(spa)]
This hot spring is the only open air spring in Korea and contains sodium bicarbonate of PH 9.09. As a weak alkaline spring, it has high-quality hot water. Thus, bathing in this spring is good for heal...
[Gajo Spa]
Gajo Spa Sightseeing Place Plan started with govnerment approval in 1993 and was temporarily stopped due to bankruptcy of the construction company. In Gajo Spa zone temporarily opened on May 8, 2000, ...
[Bugok Spa]
The birth year of Bugok spa is not exactly known, but there is evidence of its old history. In Youngsanhyunjo, Donggukyoujiseungram, it is recorded “there used to be a spa 6.8kms south-east of Hyun (v...
[Hugok Mineral Spring Resort]
It is located in the foot of Mt. Daeam about 1.2km of district road from the seat of a Dong-Myeon and known that it is special good for gastroenteric and effect on skin disease for its spring contains...
[Hot spring ]
The hot spring, called Onchunbaemii in ancient times and located in Anheung-dong, Icheon has legendary myth that about 150 years ago, a man who were a farmer, was feeling curious about the spring wate...
[Soback-san Punggi Hot Spring ]
Punggi hot spring is located at 5km apart from the Punggi city. By the established Jungang Highway, the Punggi hot spring is more friendly to other people.
[Dunae Medicinal Water]
The geographical shape of the village is similar with a Korean traditional measuring device of rectangle bowel, du(斗) after which it is named Dunae(斗內 – the inner side of the du).
Donglae spa of Busan city is famous for unique effect of medicine with its long history. Donglae that has background of splendid Mt. Gumjeong and spa was chosen as one of the famous spa from long time...
[Woiyang folk village ]
It is an Important Folk Data, authorization No.236, appointed by Korean government. It is located in the bottom of Mt. Seolwha in Songak-myun, Asan-si under government’s protection. The Lee’s of Yean ...
[Hampyeong mud sauna ]
Mud sauna has been developed from the steam bath using a ceramic ware kiln, recorded in True Record of King Seojong. In Hampyeong mud sauna, abundantly sulfurous stones and medical herbs such as Sammo...
Wolchulsan spa is made from Hongsaek Jangsuk granite, which is the main rock for Mt. Wolchul. So it is called as elvan spa.
[Hongseong Hot Spring]
Hongseong hot spring was found when a company dug up ground to build a motel called Hwasin Plaza in Ogwan-ri, Hongcheon.
[Juklim Valley, Juklim Hot Spring ]
The Juklim Hot Spring is the best alkaline sulfur spring in the nation.
[Hwagae Hot Spring]
Mt. Jiri, one of the three most spectacular mountains of Korea (Mt. Baekdu, Mt. Halla being the other two), has two famous medicinal hot springs. One of them is Hwagae, the other is in Gurye.
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