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Osaek Springs
Spring/Mineral Spring Resort>>
Run 20km west from Yangyang and 7.5km southeast from
Hangye Summit, there is Osaek Springs that springs mineral water with iron and carbonic acid from three spots in the rocks.
A legend says that it was named after a tree that bears five differently-colored fruits nearby the spring.
Osaek Spring is attracted by many people with its stinging taste as a soda. When rice is cooked with this mineral water, the rice makes bluish color and tastes sweet. There are restaurants nearby using this water to provide unique and delicious dishes.
Osaek Springs that is strong enough to spring through deep rocks, is abundant with iron and other helpful minerals and is known as exclusively good for human body.

Location: Osaek-ri, Seo-myeon, Yangyang, Gangwon
Contact: Osaek Branch, Sorak Mountains Management Office, National Park Management Corporation

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