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Gajo Hot Spring
Spring/Mineral Spring Resort>>

Hot spring is groundwater which erupted from the ground naturally or dug and drilled artificially. Its temperature should be higher than the overage temperature of the region or groundwater in shallower underground. And in Korea, water above 25 degrees Celsius is considered as hot spring. For reference, it is above 20 degrees in the U.K., Germany, France and 21.5 degrees in the U.S.

Gajo hot spring was selected as hot spring district from 1987 and with approval from the Ministry of Transportation in 1993, then it started to be developed. But due to delay in investment, only Baekdusan Cheonji Hot Spring is open for public at the moment. The water of Gajo Hot Spring is 26.5 degrees Celsius and itssmooth and clean alkaline wateris effective for your skin.



Size : 225,300

Major planned facilities : Accommodation(One Hotel, 52 Motels, One Condominium), Shopping District(29) Recreational Leisure Facility(1), Cultural Rest Place(2 Hot springs, park, river, greenbelt), Public Facilities (Management Office, Parking Lot, Roads)

Facilities that are completely built and open : Accommodation (1 Motel), Shopping District(2 Blocks), Hot Spring(1)



From Gimcheon

  - Taking District Road : Gimcheon Daedeok Geochang-gun Ungyang-myeon Jusang-myeon Geochang-eup First traffic light at Geochang-eup Turn Left(District Road No. 1084, 15km) Gajo-myeon(Towards 88 Expressway direction, 300m) Ganam Village

  - Taking 88 Expressway : Gimcheon Daedeok Geochang-gun Ungyang-myeon Jusang-myeon Geochang-eup Passing Geochang-eup town(Go Straight, towards 88 Expressway direction) Daepyeong Checkpoint Get into 88 Expressway Daegu IC Gajo IC Turn Left Ganam Village

From Daegu

  - Deagu Hwawon Tollgate Guma Expressway(500m) Get into 88 Expressway(Gwangju) Nongong Rest Place Geochang Rest Place ? Gajo IC (Turn Left in Expressway) Gajo Tollgate Turn Left Ganam Village

From Daejeon : Daejeon Daejin Expressway 88 Expressway(Towards Daegu) Gajo IC South 200 Point

From Jinju : Jinju Daejin Expressway 88 Expressway Gajo IC South 200 Point

    Jinju Sancheong Hamnyang Geochang Gajo (When taking National Road)

From Muju : Muju Goje-myeon Geochang-eup Gajo-myeon Ganam Village
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