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Shingwangwon Bath
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Shingwangwon Bath

(Overview)  The hot spring water in Shingwangwon is 100% “natural spring water” with no chemical additives.  The water is 36℃ in temperature and is sulfuric alkali water with sodium biocarbonate for smooth water texture and with no need to use bathing soap.


1. It is natural hot spring water containing hydrogen ion (9.45~10 in concentration), sulfuric ion, sodium biocarbonate, potassium, calcium, magnesium, fluorine, etc.

2. Converts acidic physical constituents into alkali physical constituents, relieves fatigue and restores energy, and is particularly effective for anti-aging and skincare functions.

3. Enhances natural healing powers of human body to prevent and treat various adult diseases.

4. Effective for the prevention of diabetes, heart attach, gastrointestinal diseases, neuralgia, rheumatism (arthritis), eczema, skin infections, feeling of cold, and women’s diseases.


A. Public TransportationTake #550 from Bus Terminal (City Bus) toward (Mabuk or Giil) (departs seven times a day)(Hours: 05:50, 07:45, 08:10, 09:20, 12:30, 14:30, 18:20)

B. Driving: Downtown Pohang → National Highway #7 → Toward Yeongdeok → Heunghae → Shingwang → 21km toward Cheongha (17km from downtown; takes 20 minutes)

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