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Magamsan Mountain climbing course and Yeoju Spa
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The highest mountain (388m) in the neighboring area

The view is great as Yeojup Field and Namhangang River are shown from the summit.

A total of 6 kilometer’s mountain climbing course takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The only spa in Yeoju

Magamsan Mountain – A 5 kilometer pine tree road that is straight, smooth, and meditative

Magansan Mountain is small but unique. A 30 minute path to the summit is very steep but the rest of the path is almost like flat on a pine tree forest ridgeline for about two hours. Walking on this pine tree path that is almost a downhill is like a meditation as it makes your mind and body calm down. As if it is intentionally done, Yeoju Spa is at the very end of this mountain climbing path.

If you go 1 kilometer further after following the old National Road 42 within the downtown of Yeoju (the north of Namhangang River) and passing the entrance of Moka Museum, you will see a sign of Gyeonggido Yeoju Camping Area for Student on your left. If you go 5 kilometers further, there shows a small parking lot on the right along with a sign of a forest bathing place. Use the parking lot and pass a valley, and then you will see an ascending path to Magamsan Mountain.

The pine tree ridgeline is steep but wide and cool. Following this ridgeline and climbing up with the sound of pine trees for 30 minutes lead you to the summit, which has a wooden arbor and benches. If the weather is good, you will see a stream of Namhangang River between trees of the forest. The summit offers the last great view. Two benches face to the west with a view of the sunset. If you want to see the sunset after a spa, you better go to the summit since it is only 200 meters far away.  

Yeoju Spa – Enjoy a green forest through the window of the spa

It is the only spa in Yeoju and close to Seoul; however, the spa is tranquil since it is located on the end of a ridgeline of Old National Road 42. As an alkalinity carbonated spring, many visitors came here even before the spa was officially open. As other springs, this spring is good for arthritis and neuralgia.

Even though the size is not very big, this spa is facilitated with basic facilities such as Hwangtobang and elvan sauna and its natural herbal spa is very unique. You can enjoy the view of the four seasons of the neighboring ridgeline from the cascade cold spa. Mountaineer Hong-Gil Eom is a royal customer of this spa. The twenty rooms on three floors provide spring water. The restaurant on the second floor makes a good mushroom and Bulgogi dish.

Business hours are 07:00~20:00 and, for a group of 30 persons, the spa allows them to rent the whole spa for a private time.

If you come from Icheon, use the new National Road 42 which was made for cars only, pass Iho Grand Bridge, and slip through Nadlmok of Gangcheon. Following a sign “3 km to Yeoju Spa” will make you pass the seat of the myeon office of Gangcheon and reach the summit of Danggogae Hill and then arrive Yeoju Spa. A shuttle bus is in operation to Yeoju Bus Terminal.

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