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Sungui royal palace
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National historical relics No. 223

San 10, Ami-ri, Misan-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Sunguijeon is a shrine where the mortuary tablets of kings including Wanggeun, the fonder of Goryo and loyal subjects are enshrined.

It is located at the end of Mt. Ami, Ami-ri, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do with looking down Imjin Riv. , which holds numerous stories for a long time. It enshrines mortuary tablets of kings including Hyeonjong, Munjong, Wonjong headed by the founder of Goryo and 16 meritorious subjects of Goryo(SeoHee, GangGamchan, YunGwan, KimBusik, JeongMongju etc.).

It was founded in the site of Angamsa, the wishing temple of Wanggeun, the founder in Taejo 6 years(1397), and in the reign of Jeongjong, the service for 8 kings including Taejo, Hyejong, Seongjong, Hyeonjong, Munjong, Wonjong, King Chungryeol and King Gongmin was performed. When the reign of the 5th Munjong came, it was called Sunguijeon, and it was considered as inappropriate to enshrine 8 kinds on the grave of Goryo dynasty because Joseon ancestral shrine of the royal family enshrines 5 kings, so only 4 kings including the founder became to be enshrined, and sacrificial rite for 16 meritorious subjects of Goryo was performed together. The first building was entirely destroyed by fire because of Korean War in 1950, and from 1972 ~1973, it was reconstructed as current scale, on Dec. 28th in 1971, it was designated as national historical relics No. 223.

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