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lacquer tree medicinal water well
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Name of medicinal water well : Lacquer tree medicinal water well

Lacquer tree medicinal water well of Yeon-Cheon Corea Village, one of no more than 5 more or less nationwide lacquer tree wells has been known that it has special effects for gastroenteric trouble and skin diseases with natural soaring water under the lacquer tree. Especially, the lacquer tree well is perfect in hygienics to pass water examination including 45 items of health environment research institute of Gyeonggi-do Recently, on weekends, about 100 people visit here to taste the water. On the bottom of the well, 1 m under lacquer trees, the black resin of lacquer trees is infiltrated and the tastes is sweet. It is too cold so if it is used for agriculture, rice is killed that it is blocked in order not to flow into rice fields.

Name of medicinal water well : Royal water well

A medicinal water in front of Sunguijeon shrine. The name is originated from that when Wanggeon, the first king of Goryo was under Gungye, he used to drink this water taking a rest in Angamsa temple (current, the site of Sunguijeon shrine) in the middle of Gaeseong and Cheolwon .


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