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 Hot spring
- Icheon, the hot spring resort closest to Seoul
The hot spring, called Onchunbaemii in ancient times and located in Anheung-dong, Icheon has legendary myth that about 150 years ago, a man who were a farmer, was feeling curious about the spring water that never got dried and tried washing up his face with the water, resultantly curing himself of his eye disease.
So, those people who were suffering from various eye diseases and skin problems came to the place to heal their ailment, and really got the desired effect. After some years had passed, when the railroad between Seoul and Yuju was built, a man named Changyup, came there and called the spring water as Yaksoomokyok(bathing in healing water) to manage it as commercial purpose, finally getting confiscated by Japanese ruling power. It continued despite the hardship from the difficulties of operational management until it was closed due to the Hankook war(6. 25 war). After the war was put to an end, governmental authority of Kyunggi -do in 1959 began to re-develop the spring and handed the ownership to non-official civilian management until now.
The temperature of the spring water is 28 to 31.5 and the measured depth of it amounts to 3 to 46.2m. It includes various ingredient positive in healing people's diseases.

- Contact
> Cultural Information Service Unit at Icheon City Hall
Tel : 82-31-644-2091∼2096
> Miranda Hotel Tel :82-31-633-2001  > Location [view]
> Seolbong Hotel Tel:82-31-633-6301  > Location [view] (source: Icheon city hall)

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