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Donglae spa of Busan city is famous for unique effect of medicine with its long history. Donglae that has background of splendid Mt. Gumjeong and spa was chosen as one of the famous spa from long time ago. From the record ("sam guk yoo sa" gun3, topsang4 yong chu sa) that prime minister, Chungwongong, enjoyed bath in Jangsanguk (Donglae Hyeon) in the age of King. Sinmun of Shinla, it can be known that Donglae spa was famous from old time. In "Tongguk
Yoji Sungnam"gun23 dong lea hyun zo,  it was said that the water was hot enough to boil an egg and that a sick person could heal through bathing there. It also said that a lot of king of Shinla visited here. Like this, temperature and medical effect of Donglae spa is famous to people.

- Character of spa: spa that sea water is heated
Like Heaundae spa of Busan, Donglae spa is made through being heated by 130~150 C in the depth of several kilometers of underground, being mixed with underground water and reacting to rock so its density of calcium (Ca) is high and density of Magnesium (Mg) is low.
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