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Woiyang folk village
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 Woiyang folk village
It is an Important Folk Data, authorization No.236, appointed by Korean government. It is located in the bottom of Mt. Seolwha in Songak-myun, Asan-si under government's protection.

The Lee's of Yean settled in this village about 500 years ago and the Lee's descendents are the main residents in today. There were many outstanding people in the family so many fine houses were built in the village. The houses still keep the original looks and let people assume chronicle of the village. Over the mossy stone walls, people can see fruit trees in a garden of each house. A treadmill, a Yonja-mill, a watermill, a thatched roof, a statue of village guard and other relics are well preserved and letting people can have a glance at lifestyle of Chosun Dynasty. Especially, the house of Champan(a name of government post in Chosun Dynasty) Lee and the house of a governor of Youngam(Gunjae house), Important Folk Data, authorization No.95, that has beautiful garden are the places showing lifestyle of ancestors. Recently, historical TV shows and movies are often taken here so many tourists visit the village.

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