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Hampyeong mud sauna
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 Hampyeong mud sauna
- Introduction
Mud sauna has been developed from the steam bath using a ceramic ware kiln, recorded in True Record of King Seojong. In Hampyeong mud sauna, abundantly sulfurous stones and medical herbs such as Sammokcho are heated using pine firewood, and then they are added into the seawater bath to warm the water. Then, straw mats are laid on it and people lower themselves into the tub. With this method, people can enjoy a hot spring as well as medical effects of sauna, maximizes the medical effects of the mud sauna.
Hampyeong mud sauna with a 90-year-tradition is so famous that hundreds of tourists visit it. Those who experienced the mud sauna tend to revisit this sauna because of the excellent effect.

- Medical effect of mud sauna
The stones used for sauna come from Hampyeong. Unlike stones from other areas, they contain abundant sulfur and alkaline feldspar enough to congeal when baked. These heated stones produce alkali salt, which is effective to disinfect as well as to cure skin diseases, neuralgia, diabetes etc.
Mud sauna is good to cure chronic diseases such as neuralgia, pain after childbirth, arthritis, skin diseases and so on.
Normally, once soaking the body in the seawater, the skin becomes sticky so that people should take a shower with fresh water; however, soaking in the warm seawater makes the skin slippery and elastic. The minerals included in the seawater and the stone reacts chemically at the high temperature, and this chemical reaction is verified to be effective to prevent various diseases and be good for skin care.

- Traffic information
Hampyeong-eup - National Road No. 23 to Jupo oil station, to Jupo - Seokseng-ri - Hampyeong mud sauna

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