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Mungyeong Hot Springs
Spring/Mineral Spring Resort>>
Mungyeong Hot Springs is located at the end of downtown Mungyeong (entrance when approached from Jeomchon) about 9km on the national highway over Ihwaryeong from Chungju. Established with the investment of about 23 billion won, Mungyeong Hot Springs was appointed a tourists’ attraction on Jan 26. 1998 after it was appointed a hot springs complex in Gyeongsangbuk Province in late 1995. Therefore, about 265ha-wide Hot Springs Complex has been actively developed. The hot bathes that opened on Nov 20. 1996 are in the basement (1.2 acres) and on the 3rd floor (0.3 acres) with the capacity of about 400 people; and the total hot bathes that opened on Mar 24. 2001 are in the basement (1 acre) and on the 2nd floor (1.8 acres) with the capacity of about 2,000 people. The heat of Mungyeong Hot Springs comes from the granite around Bulguk Temple eroded in Mesozoic Era and a great amount of limestone covers it. In particular, the yellowish and earth-tone hot springs water can be drank. Dr. Geun-Gil Noh, a hot springs specialist, says that Mungyeong Hot Springs is “definitely distinguished from other hot springs and is one of Korea’s two hot springs that are 31.3° with low-acid calcium and bicarbonate to enhance the metabolism and to be effective for allergic skin diseases, gout, heart diseases, climacteric troubles and arthritis. It is more superior to the world-renowned Bepu Hot Springs of Japan.

■ Open Hours: 5:30 am ~ 08:00 pm
■ Fees: Mungyeong Hot Springs:

- Adults: 5,500won - Groups: 20 or more (4,500won) - Children: ages 4~7 and younger/4,500won
Mungyeong Total Springs: - Before 9am: 4,000won - Adults: 6,000won
- Groups: 30 or more (5,000won) - Children: ages 3~5 and younger/5,000won

■ Contact: Mungyeong Hot Springs (054)572-3333, Mungyeong Total Springs (054)571-2002

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