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Theme Sightseeing [ River/Lake ]
[Ocheon Harbor ]
Ochen Harbor, a naval port, with long history and tradition where the main headquarter of naval force in Chungcheong prefecture is located
[Usan Jirungi village_Jangheung dam]
Jangheung dam is a multi-use dam which is constructed in the area of Yuchi-myun and Busan-myun of Janheung-gun to contribute to the development of the western seashore of Jeollanuamdo and the creation...
[Muan Yaksil_Hwesan Baekryunji]
Hwesan Baekryunji, which located in Bokyong-ri Ilro-eup Muan-gun, is a reservoir made with our ancestors' efforts during the time of the annexation of Korea by Japan.
[banam_inchon river]
Together with Sumjingang, Geumgang, Mangyunggang and Dongjingang, Incheongang is one the five great rivers in Jeollabukdo and the starting point of this river is Yochoongji, the only stream in Gochan...
[Doduoraemul ]
Underground water, Yongcheonsu, flowing through the geographical stratums in the coast and mountains of Jeju are used to spring out through the geographical stratums connected to the surface of earth ...
[Hedgehog Island]
Hedgehog Island Location : 36-1, Shinmae Ri, Seo Myun, Chuncheon Si, Gangwon Do. Contact Address : Management office ( 033-252-2168)
[Gusiheul ecosystem pond]
It is not exact when this pond was formed, but its name was originated from the situation, of pond, water is never dried out and is always pooled. As there are various kinds of plants, birds and ins...
It is the source of Hangang and is located in Geumdaebong valley in Changjuk dong. Those waters from Jedanggum fountain and Gomoknamu fountain in the edge of Geumdaebong ,and the water flowing betwee...
[Namdang Port]
It is a local port at Cheonsu Bay-side, located 25km south from Hongseong-ub. In 10minutes distance on boat, there is the famous bamboo island, Jukdo, and Anmyeondo can be seen too. It has beautiful c...
[Baek-Gok reservoir]
It had been the only Siphon type reservoir in Asia (1949) but in the early 80s the Siphon facilities were submerged due to the reservoir bank expansion project. If you look at the size of the reservoi...
[Okjeong Lake ]
Okjeong Lake stretches from Unam-myeon and Gangjin-myeon of Imsil-gun to Sannae-myeon and Sanoi-myeon of Jungeup, Jeollabuk-do. It was created when Seomjingang Multipurpose Dam was built between Yong...
[Janggye Tourist Resort]
A citizens resort located at Janggye-ri Annae-myeon Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
[Nampo Reservoir]
The reservoir is known for clear water and beautiful landscapes. Crucian carps about 20cm-long are frequently caught. Waters on the upstream covered with aquatic plants form a good fishing ground ev...
[Chojeong Springs]
Address Chojeong-ri Naesu-eup Cheongwon-gun
Yeonhwaje is located by the entrance to Songchon Hot-pepper Village. It has been called Yeonhwaje since the Joseon Dynasty. Yeonhwaje beautifully preserves the natural habitats of many aquatic plant...
[Bibong Marsh Park]
Sihwa Lake Reed Marsh Park was created in 2002. It is designed to serve as a natural water treatment plant with aquatic plants and reeds to purify the nearby streams that flow into Sihwa Lake.
This is a clean and clear valley surrounded by bizarre-looking rocks.
Located at Yeoryang-ri of Buk-myeon, Auraji is one of the major origins of Jeongseon Arirang, Gangwon-dos Intangible Cultural Asset No. 1.
[Yangyang Water Power Generator]
Yangyang Water Power Generator is located at Seo-myeon of Yangyang-gun and Jindong-ri of Girim-myeon in Inje-gun.
The abundant Suipcheon is a long river that runs 34.8km in length.
[Dinosaur Egg Fossils]
About 1,596ha of land by Sihwa Lake at Gojeong-ri Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong was designated as Natural Monument No. 414 on March 22, 2000.
eonhwaje is located by the entrance to Songchon Hot-pepper Village. It has been called Yeonhwaje since the Joseon Dynasty. Yeonhwaje beautifully preserves the natural habitats of many aquatic plants...
[Sinam Reservoir]
Sinam Reservoir was a restricted area for protection until a while ago. Today, it is open to visitors. The reservoir has formed with the clean waters from Mt. Gamak.
[Bukhan River, Paro Lake]
Paro Lake is an artificial lake that was initiated in 1938 and completed in 1943 by the hydropower generation plant established by Japan in Guman-ri Gandong-myeon Hwacheon-gun to supply electricity fo...
[Bukhan River, Paro Lake]
Being the longest tributary of Han River with an abundance of water, Bukhan River led the development of many dams, including Soyang River Multipurpose Dam, Hwacheon Dam, Chuncheon Dam, Uiam Dam, and ...
[Baeksan Reservoir ]
Baeksan Reservoir is located at Hajeong-ri Baeksan-myeon Gimje, Jeonbuk. It is a 175ha reservoir containing 3,516,000 of waters and was established when Honams wild mountains got developed in 1969.
[Naerincheon Stream]
DescriptionNaerincheon Streams originates from Gyebangcheon Stream and Jauncheon Stream, which come from Mt. Sogyebang and Mt. Heungjeong in Nae-myeon Hongcheon-gun. Gyebangcheon and Jauncheon meet a...
[Attractions (Wolsan Reservoir)]
Wolsan Reservoir in Yangpyeong is located to the east of Jipyeong of Wolsan-ri in Jije-myeon. Many people come to see its beautiful landscape and many TV series have used its beauty as their backgroun...
[Attractions (Gume Reservoir)]
Dume Reservoir in Dugyo-ri Juksan-myeon, Anseong, creates a beautiful scene with Mt. Chiljang in its background.
This is a reservoir made by blocking old mud flats, so it has been called Ganwolgae or Ganwolji. As an old place, it has a lot of water plants and it is generally not deep.
[Seokmun Embankment]
Seokmun lake is an artificial lake that was developed in 1995 with the Seokmun reclaimed land project. It has a great special landscape with farm lands and industrial complexes by making the reclaimed...
[CheongCheon Lake/Fishing]
CheongCheon lake is located at Boryeong city which has the largest beach in the West Sea. This U shaped lake was built in Sep, 1960 and very famous for big fish fishing in the Chungnam area.
[Nue(Silkworm) Lake]
As a reservoir completed in 2003, also called Jamgok reservoir, this is located in the forests, thus the surrounding scenery is wonderful.
[Geum River]
It is 394.79km in length and covers 9,912.15. It is a combination of 20 variously sized tributaries, including Bocheongcheon () from east of Okcheon, Mihocheon (ڸ) from south of Jochiwon, and C...
[Seolbong Lake Introduction]
In Seolbong lake area which is 20,000 pyeong and 1.05 km around, you can see many people jogging around the lake and many families enjoying a picnic at anytime of the year.
[Hakil Reservoir]
The reservoir is located in Hakil-ri of Wonsam-myeon and used for a fishing spot under a name, Ssangyong Fishing Center
[Jiseok River Amusement Park]
Jiseok River Amusement Park is where people can enjoy swimming and dabbling in the clear river and cool the summer's heat.
[Geum River]
It is 394.79km in length and covers 9,912.15. It is a combination of 20 variously sized tributaries, including Bocheongcheon () from east of Okcheon, Mihocheon (ڸ) from south of Jochiwon, and C...
[Noil Riverside ]
It is the place pure and clean river water is connected long and there are a lot of marsh snails and rich fish resources in the clean water so tourists can enjoy fishing. Family unit holiday –makers v...
[Hongcheongang(riv.) ]
Hongcheongang(riv.) sourced out of Saenggok-ri, Seoseok-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do is the best water play site of capital area, which is only 3 – hours drive from Seoul and it has low depth of...
In the leisurely flow of Namhan River, three rocky peaks rises centered on a 6m tall vigorous Janggunbong (Nampyeonbong). The one on the north is called Cheobong and the other on the south is called ...
Gangchon is located in Namsan-myeon Chuncheon, Gangwon-do and is about 10 minutes away from Seombae Village. Gangchon is fully equipped with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, summer sunlight, and winter...
A natural ecological learning site with sweetfish and melanian snail Sannaedle Village, located by the upstream of Seomjin River, is the home of Taegeuksu.
[Jeokbyeok River]
Geumgang River is known as river like a silk. Originated from Ttungbong of North Jeolla Province Jangsu-gun Subun-ri, the water flows to north and when it gets into South Chungcheong Province
As mentioned in the village name, in Yusuam Village, there is water spouting from the crack of base rock which is called Yusuamcheon.
[Nine Bridges]
Nine Bridges is a club which the Western course and European course are harmonized. The one-stop service of Nine Bridges offers the reservation and usage of aviation, lodging, and golf at the same tim...
[Hongyeon Waterfall]
Located in the valley between Geomun Mountain of Cheolma-myeon and Mullae Peak of Jeonggwang-myeon.
[Yeongsan Lake]
Old poets used to call Yeongsan River, Geum River. When a bright moon rises in the night skies of Yeongsan River, the poetic visitors called it Geum River of Moon and highly praised its beauty.
Cheongryongcheon is a name of stream that flows beneath a mountain terrain that resembles a dragon preparing to head up to the heaven.
[Upo swamp]
Upo swamp is the biggest swamp in Korea. It covers 70 million pyeong, spreading over An-ri, Ibang-myeon and Daedae-ri,Yueo-myeon as well as Sejin-ri. The endless swamp has numerous water plants. Catta...
After passing through Sinheung village, you will reach Cheongseokpo which is filled with wide and flat rocky terrain. The town faces wide open to the sea, which keeps the village constantly weather...
[Yongdam Lake]
Yongdam Lake is an artificial lake made by Yongdam dam.
[Gosongcheon Stream]
The taste of medicinal water well used as residents drinking water centering on Gosongcheon, the source of life water not dry even in a severe drought reminds us of the taste of the well at the back...
[Crane Reservoir]
Crane reservoir of Yeon-Cheon Corea Village reaching 22.9ha is surrounded by mountains in every corner like being surrounded by folding screen, which boasts the graceful natural scenery and on weekend...
[Naengjeong Reservoir]
Naengjeong Reservoir (Ҳ) is a lake at a size of 37.6 hectares and storage of 100 million tons located in Gwanin-myeon of Naengjeong-ri and used as farming water of the wide farmlands,
Sinam Reservoir had been restricted as waterworks protection zone, but was released currently. It was formed by the pure and clear valley waters from Gamak Mountains that the fish are very strong. M...
[Dukcheon River]
Dukcheon River that sources from Cheonwang Summit of Jiri Mountains flows through Daewon Temple Valley, Jungsanri Valley and Jangdan Pass and Jogae Pass of Georim Valley to reach Jinyang Lake.
[Hapcheon Lake Resort]
Hapcheon Lake has a deep valley and a waterfall where the water from the milky way falls from the sky. Many pavilions including Nongwol Pavilion are placed on every magnificent bank of the river to r...
[Baekhak Reservoir ]
Being 22.9ha-wide broad waters surrounded by mountains, it has magnificent natural landscape and abundant resources. Therefore, it is loved by many fishers and the fishing place for families prides p...
[Dansan Lake]
[Nakdong River]
Introduction of Nakdong River that flows by Chilgok Kumnam Cucumber Flowery Hill Village.
[Jangu Valley]
Jangu Falls was formed into a recreational park in 1984. With two bridges, water sources and 1,720m-long forest road. The Samjeom Bridge at the valley entrance is 30m long and Waterfall Bridge is 20...
[Sapgyo Lake]
At Sapgyo Lake War Vessel Park, the East's first theme park on board, the 'landing ship' and 'destroyer' used for Korean War are kept for an indirect experience of maritime science and the life of nav...
[Jinwi River Park]
Jinwi River Park is a park formed by the riverside to extend through 2km-long range from Bongnam-ri, Jinwi-myeon to Jinwi Bridge on National Highway #1. The upstream is a protected area with pure wat...
[Okjeong Lake]
Okjeong Lake, a tributary of Seomjin River, is a reservoir created by the construction of its dam and it stretches from Jeongeup to Imsil. The beautiful lakeside road is well-paved to be suitable for...
[Yedang Reservoir]
It is Koreas largest reservoir made in 1962 and was named after Yesan and Dangjin as it supplies farm waters to Yesan-gun and Dangjin-gun. For the last 20 years, it has been known as the best fishin...
Located in the sea 500m south from Haegeumgang Village, Galgot-ri, Nambu-myeon, Geoje, it is 2nd Place of Scenic Beauty with two huge islands included in Hanrye Marine National Park. Its original na...
[Sanggap Reservoir]
The waves of Sanggap Reservoir as calm as its depth represent the quiet and pure hearts of the villagers. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, it reminds us of a deep Utopia where the wizards live.
[Euncheon Valley]
Euncheon Valley, Unjangsang Valley and Daea Reservoir add their elegance with the greens of summer and the sounds of nature. They are must-visit markers of our village. Every summer, numerous visito...
[Oncheon River]
Sourcing from Geumjeong Mountains (801m), the guardian mountain of Busan, flows through Geumjeong-gu, Dongrae-gu and Yeonje-gu to combine many tributaries including Geoje Steam into Suyeong River.
[Jusan Reservoir]
Jusan Reservoir has never become dried for over 170 years even in the longest droughts. Since today, it has never exposed its bottoms and as 150-year-old Korean weeping willows and about 30 Salix gla...
[Geum River]
Geum River is the 6th longest stem of water in Korea and is 3rd largest in South Korea following Han River and Nakdong River. There is a river-mouth bank at the downstream of Geum River and is known ...
[Paro Lake]
Paro Lake is an artificial lake that was made by the hydraulic power generator constructed at Guman-ri by the Japanese aiming to attack China in 1938. It was named by Korea's former president Seung-M...
[Yeongam Embarkment Hairtail Fishing]
Due to the Yeongsan River III-1 Zone General Development Project of December 1993, fishing of Yeongsan River is only available on boats in open seas. However, Yeongam Emparkment (2.2km) connecting Sa...
[Hwajinpo lake ]
The name Hwajinpo lake is from many wild roses near the lake, which is area of 72000pyoung(238032m), girth of16km. And it is the biggest natural lake in east-sea side. On huge reed field, winter seas...
[Daecheong Dam]
As composite-type dam composed of concrete dam and zone fill dam of height 72m and length 495m crossing over the main stream of Kum River, the longest multi-functional artificial lake
Kumohdongchon is the valley in Mt. Kumoh located the coast of Boosang Ri, Nam Myun, Kimcheon city and Soongoh Ri, Booksam Myun, Chilgok County. It is a clean and clear valley in the southwest of Mt. K...
[Seanggok reservoir]
Seanggok reservoir in the seat of Seoseok-Myeon office Hongcheon Gun started work on December, 1978 and completed in 1985 for solving of shortage of water for agriculture.
[Kyungchundae ]
In Sangju, we can see the sight of unique valley beside the Nakdong river. It is called Jacheondae because it is placed in the center of Nakdong river, with excellent view. If you arrive in Kyungchund...
[Ecology of Imjin Riverside]
In May, the mysterious vital birth of an ecosystem begins around the Imjin River. Tringa hypoleucos that has a nest in the sand field near Imjin River hatches egg carefully. And a couple of Acheilog...
[Paroho(Paro Lake)]
It was completed in 1943 as a artificial lake born by construction Hwacheon water power plat in Guman-Ri, Gandong-Myeon and Hwacheon-Myeon according to the purpose of war industries for invading conti...
[Sanjung hosu(mountain-top lake)]
Sanjung hosu located at Youngbook myon, Pochun county, Kyunggi province is the friend of Mt. Myungsung with several peaks giving the present of shade. Around the lake, there are temple Jain, Deungryon...
[Hwengsung Dam]
Hwnegsung dam is a reflection of the past and a space of rumination. This dam is built by enclosing the creek end. Hwengsung lake is the result, which makes possible to guess the scale of dam. Besides...
[Surviving conditions in Ungok stream]
In Ungok stream, people live together with various animals. It streams from the northeast of Gyeongsangbuk-do into the Nakdong River whose first source it is.
It was the best reservoir in Kyeongpuk Province when it was built. It has a short dam creating the reservoir. It has double the water of Gaecheonji because it is deeper than Gaecheonji. Uiseong is one...
[Okjung Lake]
You can find Seomjin dam when you go up 5 km or more after taking a right via Gangjin bridge, which is 16km from Imsil-eup.
[Cheonjang lake]
Cheonjang lake has an area of 1,200ha. It is an artificial lake to provide water to farming place, established from 12, 1972 for 7 years. It is closed to the 36th highway, which connect Cheongyang and...
SEOMJIN RIVER is the 9th longest river in Korea. But, because multipurpose dam was constructed and the water flows to the DONGJIN RIVER, this river is used as water for farming in the neighboring plac...
[Gobok reservoir ]
You could find a wide Gobok reservoir in Seomyun Gobokri and its area is almost 1,949km. Original purpose is to support agricultural water with it. It is famous for a fishing place since many kinds...
[Sapgyo Lake]
Sapgyo Lake is artificial lake that was completed on October, 26 1979,. It adjoins with sea and has abdunt resource , neighboring Anyang hot spring and Dogo hot spring so that it is popular as tourist...
[Sinjung lake]
Its an artificially made lake with 92ha of water-surface in 1926. Many tourist visit here all year long because of spectacular natural atmosphere. Sinjung lake tour area is formed around it with a gr...
[Namdang Harbor]
With Baeksajang habor in Ansan-eup, Taean-gun, this is the most famous tourist attraction for marine products, and it is well known for giant prawn, cockle, flatfish and mya arenaria oonogai.
[Hwajinpo lake]
The name Hwajinpo lake is from many wild roses near the lake, which is area of 72000pyoung(238032m), girth of16km. And it is the biggest natural lake in east-sea side. On huge reed field, winter seas...
This dam was completed from 1984 to 1992, through 8 years construction. It contains 7000million 70000 ton, and it embraces the 145. 5km HOBAN Road along with controlling the water.
[Kyeongcheon Reservoir ]
Construction of the Kyeongcheon Reservoir, encircled by Unje-ri, Hwapyeong-ri and Seongbuk-ri in Hwasan-myeon, commenced on June 20, 1933 and was completed in December 1935.
[Chungpung hoban(Chungpung lake)]
This lake was formed after Chungju multi-purpose dam was established in 1984. You can take a rest in "Mannamui Gwangjang(Meeting Square)" which was built for appeasing the mind of those people whose r...
[Seomjin River ]
The Seomjin River boasts a great volume of fresh, clean water that flows from Jinan in Cheonbuk province.
[Samhyeongje (Three Brothers) Reservoir]
The Samhyeongje reservoir includes the Keumseok reservoir, Mukeuk reservoir and Yongkye reservoir, which are well known as an angling site. The three reservoirs are connected with one another so the w...
[Yongyeon Reservoir]
It is located at Sagimak-ri, Sacheon-myon, and Gangrung city. It was designated as a resort under village administration on April 21, 1993. To reach this reservoir, pass Yongyeon-dong Valley, stretch...
[Cheonjedang Pond]
It is located in the north of Pyoungchang-up. Waters flow slowly and quietly, a sand field spreads wide and high, and steep cliffs create a marvelous view.
[Gongjichon Lake]
Chunchon is better known as a city of clean, blue lakes. Gongjichon is the place you cannot miss when you come to Chunchon to see its lakes.Thanks to its short distance from Seoul, it is constantly lo...
[Riverside of Nakdong River ]
Our village, sitting downstream for about 1,300-ri of the Nakdong River, is praised most by rail passengers traveling over the Seoul-Pusan line for our beautiful natural scenery from among all the are...
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