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Yeongam Embarkment Hairtail Fishing

Due to the Yeongsan River III-1 Zone General Development Project of December 1993, fishing of Yeongsan River is only available on boats in open seas.  However, Yeongam Emparkment (2.2km) connecting Samho of Yeongam and Sani of Haenam is Korea’s one-and-only hairtail fishing place where you can fish on the embarkment.  In particular, the excitement of hairtail fishing is the tingling movement of the hands and seeing the nocturnal silvery hairtails floundering on the surface below the fish-collecting light of the night seas.   The fish way of the embarkment gate (opened 3 times/day) is the passage where the migratory fish, such as Coilia ectenes, mullets and striped saury, enter the seas.  When smelts and fry grown in Yeongsam Lake inside the embarkment throughout spring and summer follow the fish way to the seas, hairtails gather to eat them from every late August.   The black eelpout caught in Yeongam and Mokpo is far more superior to the silver hairtails from Jeju Island or yellow hairtails of Seosan.  

 => Hairtail Fishing
Hairtail fishing starts around early Septemper and lasts until late October.  The optimum period functuate according to the change of climates.   The hairtails caught around early September are about 50㎝-long and big ones are started to be caught from October for markets.

 => Fishing
There are embarkment-fishing and boat-fishing.  
In case of boat-fishing, one-day boat rental is 15,000~20,000 won per person.   The baits for hairtail fishing can be smelts, sabiki or mudfish, but frozen smelts (5,000won/bag) are said to be good.

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