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Bukhan River, Paro Lake

Paro Lake
Paro Lake is an artificial lake that was initiated in 1938 and completed in 1943 by the hydropower generation plant established by Japan in Guman-ri Gandong-myeon Hwacheon-gun to supply electricity for its invasion of China.
In commemoration of the Korean soldiers’ victory over the Chinese troops in the Korean War, President Lee, Seung Man gifted a hand-written tablet for Paro Lake.  This deep lake is the oldest lake in Korea.
Paro Lake used to be under the North Korean administration until it was recovered after the Korean War.  It has a capacity to generate 105,000kw of electricity and is abundant in carp, Crusian carp, and various other species of freshwater fish to attract fishers from nationwide. Its magnificent view even made President Lee, Seung Man build a vacation house nearby in 1955.

By Car: Seoul (National Highway No. 46)- Cheongpyeong ? Gapyeong ? Chuncheon ? Hwacheon-eup ?Gandong-myeon Gumanri (2 hours 20 minutes) ? Paro Lake (and vicinity)
Express Bus: Dongseoul/Sangbong-dong Terminal ? Cheongpyeong ? Gapyeong ? Chuncheon - (1 hour 30 minutes) ? Hwacheon-eup ? Gandong-myeon Guman-ri (10 minutes)
Local Transit: Hwacheon-eup ? Guman-ri ? Paro Lake ? Yongho-ri ? Oeum-ri ? Gancheok (8 departures/day)  

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Bukhan River, Paro Lake
Bukhan River, Paro Lake
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