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Seokmun Embankment

Seokmun Embankment (Sea Wall)

Seokmun lake is an artificial lake that was developed in 1995 with the Seokmun reclaimed land project. It has a great special landscape with farm lands and industrial complexes by making the reclaimed land of Gagok-li, Songtan-myeon and Janggohang-li, Seokmun-myeon to the sea wall. The length of the sea wall is 10.6km, and it is the longest single sea wall in Korea, moreover, the straight road which can be called the Korean autobahn is laid along with the sea wall and it is the best driving course for speeders and for dating couples. At the end of the sea wall, there is a path that leads to the sea, and when you stand on the boating place, you can see many ships on the sea between Hwaseong-gun and Dangjin-gun. Anglers love to visit here because of the different fishes in each season; also you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset which fall behind the Pogu mountain of Janggo harber. If you go to the Pogu of Seonggumi direction, you can see a ‘Candle Rock’ on the beach, each people see different shapes from that rock.

One other thing that you can enjoy is the summer night. Every night, there are so many flashlights as lightning bugs. And people catch baskets of crabs and turban shells, and you can’t imagine how awesome it is to eat the grilled crab and turban shell on the sea wall. The place where you can enjoy cool ocean wind at the summer night without knowing the time passes is the Seokmun Embankment


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