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Yongdam Lake

The life stream of Jeollabuk-do, Yongdam Lake

Yongdam Lake is an artificial lake made by Yongdam dam.

Yongdam dam is a fresh water lake made by submerging one eup and five of Yongdam-myeon, Ancheon-myeon, Jeongcheon-myeon, part of Jucheon-myeon, Sangjeon-myeon, part of Jinap-eup.  The dam is a concrete dam reaching 70m in height, 498m in length.  The area of the lake is 30㎢, has total storage capacity of 815000000 ton, and 672000000 ton available water storage capacity.

Rivers of the clear Jeollabuk-do eastern mountain area, Jucheon, Ancheon, Jeongcheon, Sangjeon flows from the Yongdam.  This dam is designed to change the flow of the rivers and by supplying 1350000ton a day to the upper stream of Wangju-gun Gosan-myeon Sohyang-ri Mangyeong river through a water conduction tunnel, a diameter of 3.2m and length of 21.9km, it was also designed to supply everyday water to Jeonju  of Jeolla-do.

This place has become a 'must-see' tourist attraction of Jinan-gun, after the dam was built and fresh water lake was formed.  The road that links Jeongcheon-myeon - Yongdam-myeon - Yongdam dam, which was formed around the dam, is famous for its fantastic driving course where you can enjoy the spectacle view of the lake. The road that links Ancheon-myeon - Yongdam dam is also a recommended.

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Yongdam Lake
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