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Gobok reservoir
 Gobok reservoir
Location : Youngigun Seomyun Gobokri
Authorization no. : National Park
Size : 1,949㎢

You could find a wide Gobok reservoir in Seomyun Gobokri and it's area is almost 1,949km'. Original purpose is to  support agricultural water with it. It is famous for a fishing place since many kinds of fish lives in this reservoir.. Gun government appointed it as national park in 1990. In a side of reservoir, there is a sculpture park that was made by Gang Tae Sung professor of Ewha Women University. It makes a grand view and harmonized with surrounding sight. In the middle of Gobok Reservoir, Minrakjeon is located and tourist can see reservoir in there. There are so many restaurants that are specializing duck cook with Chinese medicine, pepper pot soup of catfish.

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