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Sinam Reservoir
Sinam Reservoir had been restricted as waterworks protection zone, but was released currently. It was formed by the pure and clear valley waters from Gamak Mountains that the fish are very strong. Most frequently fished fish are freshwater red snapper, carp and crucian carp. Also, there are about 50 parking spots by the road, and cafeterias and restaurants are also nearby. It is located on the foothill of Gamak Mountains along with Wondang Reservoir, so mountain greens such as fernbrake and saussurea can be collected in spring and mountains grapes, Actinidia arguta and chestnuts can be collected in autumn, for fishing and hiking with family.

Wondang Reservoir
The volume of water is 1,107tons with the length of its dam being 190m. The waters flowing down from Gamak Mountains is dammed to form the reservoir that the water is very cold and pure. Crucian carp, carp and catfish are generally fished and good baits are rice cake, earthworm and sesame powder. Fishing is fun because the fish are very strong.
There are about 60 parking spots by the road and near the reservoir, so families can come to collect mountain greens such as Osmunda japonica, groundsel and Actinidia arguta sprouts in spring or to collect mountain grapes, Actinidia arguta and chestnuts in autumn. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to urban fishers for fishing and hiking.

Bongam Reservoir
Bongam Reservoir is broadly spread on the foothill of Gamak Mountains. The road from Bongam-ri, Eunhyeon-myeon to the dry field of Yeoncheon-gun meanders along the reservoir. The sharp peak of Gamak Mountain is reflected on the water to create magnificent scenery. It is popularly visited by the fishers as it provides convenient traffic and nice scenery. The volume of water is 908tons and it covers the water supply to 236ha of farmland.

Hyochon Reservoir
It is the largest reservoir in Yangju-si. Although the water source is relatively unreliable, it has never dried completely and the village provides carp and carp bile for abundant resources. There also were abundant crucian carp, but the reproduction could not meet the demands that only carp and carp bile remain. The volume of water is 1,400tons and covers 235ha. It is renowned as a good fishing place, and broad reed field around the reservoir is very beautiful. The fishing place is too huge to view all of them at a glance. The large parking space and resting place is perfect not only for fishing, but also for family vacation.
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