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Hedgehog Island

Hedgehog Island

Location : 36-1, Shinmae Ri, Seo Myun, Chuncheon Si, Gangwon Do.

Contact Address : Management office ( 033-252-2168)

We do takes after the shape of hedgehog, so it is sometime called as hedgehog island. It is

 so abundant and beautiful island that it was the actual model of Yuldoguk that Heogyun,

 the writer of <Honggildongjeon>, had dreamed as ideal country. The surroundings of this

 island is the cleanest district in Seohae in which a lot of fishes  are gathering.

As We do is so popular as a excellent fishing place with many fishes and residents

benevolence, so the beauty of scenery is not well known relatively.    

Except for the lovely sands and rich forests, some of quite and beautiful sceneries including

 Nongeum and Miyeongeum are scattered along the coastline in We do. As there is a paved

 road circulating whole island, so visitors can enjoy driving around island with looking down

 the clean sea if they bring their car into this island.. Though there are more   roads

 unpaved than roads paved, driving through unpaved road also gives unusual feeling. A lot of

 development plans are being performed in We do to be a famous sightseeing resort.         


By land : Chuncheon – Shinmae bridge ( through viaduct)   

By ship : Taking ferry boat at the ferry of Hedgehog island
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