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Jangu Valley

Jangu Valley is a 6km-long valley that is divided on the foot of the mountain. It has magnificent natural environment with luxuriant forest and pure waterfalls. Climb up about 30 minutes following the valley water, there is Jangu Rock. In its precinct, there is a Sari Tower of Priest Jangu who is said to have transmitted Buddhist teachings to Korea for the first time. Not only the magnificent scenery and pure water, but the taste of ducks and chickens also attract many tourists. It is a must-visit course for anyone who visits Gimhae in mid-summer. The pure water flowing down from Yongji Summit of Bulmo Mountains that is 801m above sea level is added to the beautiful nature to form a heavenly place that blows away the hotness and the worries.

Jangu Falls was formed into a recreational park in 1984. With two bridges, water sources and 1,720m-long forest road. The Samjeom Bridge at the valley entrance is 30m long and Waterfall Bridge is 20m long.


Jangu IC -> Toward Changwon Terminal

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