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Jinwi River Park
Jinwi River Park is a park formed by the riverside to extend through 2km-long range from Bongnam-ri, Jinwi-myeon to Jinwi Bridge on National Highway #1. The upstream is a protected area with pure water and therefore, is a natural park enjoyed by 1,000 villagers a day in summer. Pyeongtaek landscaped the riverside and established conveniences to relieve the lack of vacation facilities in vicinity and to provide a park area; and developed it into park enjoyed by the citizens. Jinwi Riverside by the Jinwi River that flows through Jinwi-myeon is formed with sand sediment and reed forest to provide a good rest place for the citizens throughout all seasons. Jinwi River Park has a swimming pool, camping zone, nature-study area, physical exercise facilities, a drive-in theater and a parking lot.

- Location
Vicinity of 432 Bongnam-ri (Jinwi Riverside), Jinwi-myeon

- Facility
swimming pool, camping zone, nature-study area, physical exercise facilities, parking lot and etc

- Contact
031-664-3000 (Park Office)
031-659-4135, 031-659-5067(City Hall, Department of Culture and Tourism)

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