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Seung-Bok Lee Memorial Hall
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At Nodong-ri of Yongpyeong-myeon where Unduryeong swirls around Gyebang Mountains at the southwest of Odae Mountains, a memorial hall was established on 30acre-wide land to admire the courage of Seung-Bok Lee and to educate the cruelty of communism in Mar 1982. It displays 13 pieces of oil paintings, 106 pieces of tools and 33 pieces of his remaining depicting the life of Seung-Bok Lee and many natural learning centers are organized around the hall for multi-purposes uses. The brutality of armed spies was testified by his brother Hak-Gwan Lee and the death of his mother and his younger siblings, Seung-Su and Seung-Ja, were testified by Jae-Geun Yu, who was squad leader of a reserved army of Nodong-ri at that time.
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