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Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest
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○ Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest

- Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest aligns to the coast and stretches about 740m in length, 30m in width, and 15-20m in height.  The trees are about 30cm in circumference at chest-height and form a half-moon shape.

- Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest windshields the village from the sea and also protects the fishes in the sea.

- The forest harmonizes with the coast’s pebble field.  Its naturally dense forest consists of luxurious trees that are more than 200 years old.

- Evergreen trees of this forest include: Castanopsis cuspidate var. thunbergii, Castanopsis cuspidate var. Sieboldii, Quercus acuta, Quercus salicina, Cinnamomum japonicum, Litsea japonica, Camellia japonica, Ligustrum japonicum, Pittosporum tobira, Eurya japonica, Quercus glauca Thunb., Machilus thunbergii, and  Korean box tree.  Ivy and Elaeagnus glabra are tangled in the woods.  The central part of the forest was once damaged and was filled with new Japanese black pines.

- Leaf-shedding broad-leaved trees are hackberry, Cudraniatricuspidata Carr., Callicarpa mollis var. ramosissima Nak., beauty berry, baby brier, Konara oak, Clerodendrom trichotomum, and Sageretia theezans.


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