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Jeongamjin at Jeongam-ri of Euiryeong-eup is the name of a ferry on Nam River that flows from Euiryeong to Haman.  It is also the place where the volunteer troops achieved their greatest victory against Japanese invaders.
As you run toward Namhae Highway from Euiryeong-eup, you will encounter Baegya 5-way Junction.  Here, you will find the beautifully lighted Euiryeong-gun Tower.  Pass Baegya Village to the right and enter Jeongam Village to have Jeongam Railroad and Jeongam Pavilion greet you.  General Eui Hong’s Monument is standing to the right of Jeongam Railroad.  As you stand on Jeongam Pavilion and look down on Nam River, you will find a pot-like rock in the river.  This rock is called Sotbaui.
According to a legend, every village within 8km from this rock will always prosper.  This might be true as the founders of Samsung Group, LG Group, Hyosung Group, and Samyoung Group were born within 8km from this rock.
Euiryeong-gun is actively developing Jeongamjin to promote it as the landmark of Euiryeong.  As the beautification of Jeongam Pavilion is partially completed, its magnificent lights lead you to fantasy every night.
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