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Tomb of General Nami
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Tomb of General Nami

The Tomb of General Nami was designated as Gyeonggi-do Monument No. 13 on July 10, 1973.  It is sitting on a double stone foundation at Namjeon-ri Bibong-myeon Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do.

The mound is surrounded by grasslands with a stone table in the front and a tombstone to the right.  There is also a pair of stone post on each side.  Overall, this is a very humble tomb without a lot of ornaments.

General Namis (1441-1468) home was Euiryeong.  He passed the military examination in the 3rd year of the reign of King Sejo (1457), at the age of 17, and became one of King Sejos favorite generals.

He displayed an outstanding performance when he contained the Riot of Yi, Si Ae and led the troop to conquer Gyeonju.  As a meritorious servant of the government, he became the Minister of War at the age of 26.

In 1468, however, Yu, Ja Gwang convicted him of treason and made King Yejong execute him.  About 400 years after his death, in 1818 (18th year of the reign of King Sunjo). Minister Nam, Gong Cheol suggested the recovery of his title.

Later, his tablet was enshrined at Changnyeons Gubong Hall, Yongsans Yongmunsa Temple, and Seongdongs Chungmunsa Temple.

However, we still do not know exactly where General Nami was actually buried.  There is a legendary stone mound that is believed to be his burial site in Nami Island at Nam-myeon Chunseong-gun, Gangwon-do.

Nami Island was actually named after him.  The local people of Nami Island believe that it would bring bad luck in the family to take a rock from the stone mound.  When the island was developed into a tourist attraction, the stone mound was refined and decorated for preservation.

Location: 145 Namjeon-ri Bibong-myeon Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do


[Public Transportation]: - Suwon Station Use Local Transit to Namjeon-ri (leaves every hour and takes 1 hour)

- Use route No. 400, 400-1, or 999 (approx. 23km)

[Personal Vehicle]: - Hwaseong City Hall Namjeon-ri (approx. 7km): Takes about 15 minutes

- Stop at Namjeon-ri station and walk about 5 minutes to the tomb
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