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Semiwon is a meaningful place where Gyeonggi-do shares its intentions to make the Han River, the main artery of Korea, clear and beautiful.  

This place of waters and flowers was named Semiwon.  Semiwon means: Look into the water to cleanse your heart and look into the flowers to beautify your heart.  To imply this meaning with every step by the Han River, each path is laid with washboards.  Hoping that its visitors can beautify their hearts while looking at the water lilies and lotuses, poems and pictures are exhibited to share the impression they gave to the Korean ancestors.


Semiwon is a place that proved it possible to convert the environment into a property and culture.  The World of Lotus Hall exhibits beautiful lotus flowers throughout the year and the Environmental Training Center experiments aquatic plants natural capacity of purification.  Also, there is Han River Purification Altar where people pray for the wellness of Korea and the cleanliness of the Han River.  The Culture Center is where new species of water lilies and lotuses are introduced to make the Han River clearer and more beautiful.  There are small galleries that exhibit various artworks of cultural heritages related to nature and water.  Also, poetry lanterns are installed to combine nature with literature and art.  This is a place where environment and culture truly converge.
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