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Nam-myeon Zelkova and Eco Pond
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This zelkova tree has been designated as Natural Monument No. 278.  It is thought to be about 850 years old.  It is 21m in height and 12m in girth, with its branches spread in all directions around 4m above the ground.  The crown spreads 27m to the east and west and 27.3m to the north and south.  Standing by the entrance to the village, it serves as the gathering place for the local people.  Zelkova trees generally grow in valleys or nearby villages.  It is a tall tree in the Ulmoideae with broad leaves that drop in fall.  It usually grows up to 25m in height and its trunk grows larger than 3m in diameter.

Zelkova trees are often planted nearby pavilions in Korea.  Over 80% of trees planted nearby pavilions are zelkova trees.  As zelkova trees provide almost everything we can expect from a tree, they have been widely used to make furniture, ships, sculpture, and wooden Buddha since the early Age of Three Empires.

Eco Pond

Chorok Village’s eco pond was created in 2007 as a habitat for Korean freshwater clayfish, Chinese minnow, Korean salamander, and diving beetles that only inhabit in clean waters in summer time.  In summer, both children and adults can come here to observe and learn about the nature.  In winter, people can sled on ice or participate in the Ice Tower Festival.
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