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Morning Calm Arboretum
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The garden of Korean beauty!
Morning Calm Arboretum is designed to exhibit the beauties of
Korea in the views of Mt. Chungnyeong.  It includes many unique traditional gardens and offers a comfortable rest area in the luxurious forest of Korean white pines.

Morning Calm Arboretum is known as the background set of “The Letter.”  Every May and June, the arboretum opens the Festival of Flowers.  Gorgeous begonias, tulips, and royal azaleas show off their beautiful colors in the garden of endless lawn.  Starting with the Orchid Exhibition in March, the arboretum presents flower festivals throughout the year, such as the Autumn Leave Festival of October and the Chrysanthemums Exhibition of November.  It is a beautiful Korean-style flower garden that can compare to the world-class Butchart Garden of Canada or the Royal Botanical Garden of England.


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