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Saldun Cabin
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Saldun Cabin
○Location: Yuljeon-2-ri Nae-myeon Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
○Contact: Hongcheon-gun Office Economy/Tourism Department 033-430-2544



Saldun Cabin is very popular among mountain lovers as one of the 100 most beloved cabins in Korea.  Late Yun, Du Seon (Former President of College Mountain Lovers Association) happened to visit Saldun Village while he was staying at Baekdamsa Temple and constructed Saldun Cabin.  
The cabin which widely introduced Saldun Village to the outside world uniquely combines Korean traditional log cabin, Japanese architecture, and temple architecture in a two-story structure.  It beautifully harmonizes with the surrounding landscapes and is very close to Naerincheon Stream for exciting tours around the beautiful landmarks of a quiet mountainous village.
▶ Transportation
?Public Transportation: Bus to Yuljeon-ri from Hongcheon-eup (Operates every hour; 2 hours)
?By Car: Hongcheon (National Highway No. 56) → Seoseok-myeon Pungam-ri → Nae-myeon Changchon →Gwangwon-ri → Moraeso (left turn at the sign) → Yoljeon-ri

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