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Green Barley Fields
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Our 100ha Hakwon Farm in Seondong-ri Gongeum-myeon was designated as a tourism farm in 1994.  It is widely known as Green Barley Fields in spring and White Buck Wheat Blossom Fields in autumn.  Hakwon Farm’s barley is greenest in early summer and buck wheat blossoms are found throughout September.

Other facilities include the glasshouse for horticulture, seedling site, various orchards, grass field, restaurant, and lodging.  This is a perfect place to spend a pleasant time in the broad nature.  Since 2004, Gochang Barley Festival is held here every April.

Things to See
- Barley Field: Largest in Korea, Festival is held every April and May
- Buck Wheat Blossoms: Largest in Korea, Festival is held every September
- Horticulture Complex: Visit to Flower Farm
- Mountain/Field: Magnificent farm landscapes
- Baek, Min Memorial Hall: Exhibits Orders, Letter of Appointment, etc of Former Prime Minister Jin, Eui Jong, and embroideries of Yi, Hak

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