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Nammangsan Sculpture Park
Principal Place/Park>>
Location: 230-1 Dongho-dong Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do
Size: 15,700㎡
Artwork: 15 sculptures (※ Visit our Homepage)
Hours: Anytime
Fare: Free
Contact: Tongyeong Citizen’s cultural center 055)648-8417Tongyeong Tourism Promotion Department 055)645-0101  Tourist Information 055)650-5375~8

Mt. Nammangsan Sculpture Park was established in a 15,700㎡ rea, of land on. Nammang in Dongho-dong to connect Tongyoeng to Mireukdo Island’s special tourism district and foster Tongyeong as a world-class city of culture and tourism for the local people’s pride and earnings.  This outdoor sculpture park, which is comprised of masterpieces created by 15 well-known sculptors, is blessed by the balanced natural views of landscapes ans seascapes, while each piece sparks infinite imagination  aming visitors and acquaint then with the unknown world of arts.  Also, characterized exhibitions in the beautifully open views of the South Sea stimulate our artistic imagination and relieve our fatigue.
The Sculpture Park up on the hill creates a picture-perfect view along with the sunrise between Maemuldo Island and Gawangdo Island which are 12 miles to the south of the Port of Tongyeong.
The clear blue seas, countless islands, and cool shadows of the Sculpture Park touch the hearts of many visitors. he experienceis made even more ameaningful experience as you fird the beautiful masterpieces of world-class sculptors such as Jesus Rafael Soto, Jean Pierre Aino, and Danny Caravan.
The Nammangsan Sculpture Park is a cultural space that exhibits sculpture to give a new meaning to the park and provide the people of Tongyeong a pleasant space to rest and to hold various literary and art competitions.  
Visitors can view the beauty of Hallyeo Waterway by the monument of Poet Yu Chi Hwan (pen name: Cheongma) in the sculpture park and observe the many islands in the South Sea at the viewing.  The sunrise viewed from the park is particularly beautiful.

Mt. Nammang Park Parking Lot (Free), Coastal Parking Lot beneath Mt. Nammang (with pay) Car: Basic fee (30 minutes): KRW 500, KRW 200 for every additional 10 minutesBus: Basic fee (30 minutes): KRW 1000, KRW 400 for every additional 10 minutes

Public Transportation: Bus Terminal Buksin Intersection -> Jeongryang-dong -> Dongho-dong (Entrance to Mt. Nammang Park: 2 minutes on foot) -> Mt. Nammang: 12 minutes
By Car: Wonmun check point -> Buksin Intersection (Turn left) ->Jeongryang-dong -> Dongho-dong (Mt. Nammang Park): 15 minutes
Wonmun Inspection Office -> Main road -> Segwang Oriental Medical Clinic (Turn left) -> Jungang Market -> Mt. Nammang Park: 15 minutes

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