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Boryeong Power Plant is 3.83km2 big, has 6 facilities with a 50kW capability that can burn a total of 3,000,000 kW of bituminous coal and heavy oil. It was built in Dec, 1979 and No.1 was built in Dec, 1983, No. 2 was built in Sep, 1984, No. 3~6 was built in June, 1994, also before April, 1984, it was called "Gojeong" Power Plant. This place produces 18.3 billion kWh yearly to provide to Gyeongyin Industrial area and middle area of Seoul, and it has become the largest coal power plant with Seocheon power plant. This power plant has a harbor that can accept 110,000 ton oil ships and also has loading equipment, docks, draining facilities, soundproof facilities and pollution protecting facilities.

This is located in Opo-ri, Ocheon-myeon, Boryeong city, 22km away from the village, and takes 40 minutes to get there.


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