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Goseokjeong designated as nation tourist attraction in 1977 is one of Cheolwon 8 wonderful sceneries located on midstream of Hantan Riv., which is peculiar because of a huge curious rock dominating in the middle of the river, this is a unique basalt gushing site in South Korea continent and it has been well known as Imkkeokjeong's arena in early Joseon period thus a lot of legends have been handed down.

At the point about 2km up from this, there is Jiktang waterfall and there is Sundam at about 2 km in the downstream, and there are wide grass plaza and mechanical amusement facilities (19 kinds such as Viking etc.) etc. that tourists willingly visit here at any time.

As well, there is iron delta control office here, so it is the best place of tour where we can go on a security tour together.

- Access to Goseokjeong

< Public transportation >

Suyuri-(non-stop bus)-New Cheolwon-(local bus)-Goseokjeong (2h taken)

Suyuri-(non-stop bus)-Dongsong-(local bus)-Goseokjeong (2h10m taken)

< Owner driven >

Basic route: Seoul-(national road No. 43)-Munhyeri-(national road No.223)-4jct.-(local road No.463)-Goseokjeong (1h 55m taken)

Roundabout route: Seoul -(national road No. 43)-checkpoint-(farm village road)-Gwanin-Goseokjeong (1h 50m taken)

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