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Migratory birds watching sightseeing
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[Migratory birds watching sightseeing]

Our nation is one of international migrants protection areas.

There are many winter immigrants to fly to our nation to pass the cold winter from the far Siberia and like places. Especially, Cheolwon is a clean area where a lot of immigrants visit.

The largest field in The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) 155miles is Cheolwon field. It is the only place where people do rice farming in DMZ, so it has a lot of feeds of grains. There are many rats that like rice so birds to like rats flock here. That the water of Cheolwon field clean enough not to be frozen in case it is too cold is one reason migrants flock here.

 As the birds of a lot of quantity, there are cranes, eagles, falcons, shrikes, mountain birds, ducks and wild geese.

Search out what migrants come to our country and why they come and how we can make friends with them by observing them.

Group unit experiences target on groups belonging to certain associations, and individuals can join by individual application according to the number of persons.


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