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A broad plain spreads under Seongje mountain peak, the end of the huge southern ridge of Mt. Jiri. It is the broad plain staring from Mt. Ami in Mijeom-ri to Dongjeng Lake and Agyang 'Mudimideul'that can easily generate 3-4 millionaire landlords. Agyang Pyeongsa-ri which earned its fame as the scene of Bak Gyeongri's saga novel 'Toji' is a place that covered itself with the benefits of the Seomjin River. Agyang in where Pyeongsa-ri is located got its name for its resemblance to Agyang in China. Geumdang, a sandy shore in Pyeongsa-ri and Dongjeong Lake, a lake in the sand were also named after geographical names in China.

Among many features expressing the beauty of Agyang, there is Sosangpalgyeong (the eight famous spots in Sosang). Dongjeong Lake in Pyeongsa-ri and Sosangpalgyeong of Agyang which arouse scenes full of the beauty of Korea are the pride of the local residents. The Saso Castle, historical relic No. 151, located at the mid-slope of Hyeongje mountain peak was built in the Silla Dynasty era and with the Seomjin River and Dongjeong Lake underneath, the castle shows the footprints of 1,000 years.      

Choechampandaek which is well known as the scene of Bak Gyeongri's saga novel 'Toji', a great epic poem of Koreans from the times of the Donghak Revolution to the modern history, will be filled with 14 traditional Korean-style houses scheduled to be completed by the end of the year 2002. We also plan to exhibit relics of our lives back in the late period of Chosun Dynasty. For such purposes, about 3,000 pyeong of land was purchased. We held the 1st Toji Literature Conference, the festival of literary men from all over the country, in November 2001.  

The 2nd Toji Literature Conference will be held in November 2002 along with seasonal creative poem writing classes and literature classes. This will help establish our village as a literature village. Moreover, we developed the two main characters of the novel into character goods and they are on sale.

Traffic Information (Routes)

●Use an expressway between Daejeon and Tongyeong and 88 Olympics Expressway

●88 Olympics Expressway - Left turn at Namwon IC in the direction of Gurye- Hwaeom Temple - Ssanggye Temple- Hwagae three-way junction - Pyeongsa-ri three-way junction - Left turn at Goso Castle- Walk

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