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The pleasure of Daegi-ri’s green highland~ Star Village Anbandegi!!

Do you wish to feel how it would be like to live on clouds?  Come to Anbandegi.  

This place is also called Anbandeogi because the shape of village resembles a round board that supports rice cake doughs and is an enormous basin on Mt. Gorupogi.  

On Anbandegi, you will be freed from any worries and will feel the natural energy of comfort and liberty.  

Anbandegi also shows the farming grounds of Daegiri Village at a glance.  As it mostly cultivates highland potatoes and cabbages, it is colored in white with potato blossoms in spring and in dark green with cabbages in summer.  The plowing cows and the friendly countryside views also make Daegiri Village unique.  

The hard-working farmers and the green nature harmonize in Anbandegi and create a beautiful scene of how men live within the Mother Nature.

Star Village - Anbandegi of Daegi-ri Village is a broad, clean, and beautiful natural village.

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