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Nampomungo is being managed to increase economic, social and cultural knowledge of the residents by encouraging them to read and through the information education. Even though many residents have moved out of the farm village and the number of elderly has increased, the number of people who visit the bookstore has also decreased; however, it has prepared various cultural spaces such as an internet information center, a video room, etc.


Nampomungo has about 15,000 books and various small cultural spaces such as an internet information center that has 11 computers and a room with about 1500 videos. Nampomungo has increased its quality over the last 20 years under the hard condition because it is managed by residents; however, we are continuously putting efforts into making a better environment.
Nampomungo is always opened to everybody, and of course we welcome the people who want to visit their hometown and forget about the city life for a while.

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