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Jangheung Saturday Market
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In Jangheung-gun, the name of the traditional market of Jangheung-eup is changed into 'Jeongnamjin Saturday Folk Market', and 「Folk Market」 is ran every Saturday starting from July of the re-construction year.  With the feeling of traditional life, the markets are welcoming many theme tourists.


It took 7.5 billion won to prepare approximately 6 thousand ㎡ field for Saturday Market, 33 hundred ㎡ for permanent market, and 19 hundred ㎡ for folklore plaza in Yeyang-ri, Jangheung-eup.  The following things to experience are prepared in Jangheung Saturday Market.

▶ Things to see

: Performance of Korean folk music, Invitation of Paldo Performing Arts Company, exhibition of many artworks and seasonal flowers.

▶ Things to eat

: Traditional restaurants, monthly foods with events, fresh seafood

▶ Places to rest

: Sangsun Yaksu (mineral water) Village (village of traditional theme), Seottongguri Village (mountain village experience), Bangchon Traditional Culture Village, Borim Temple Forest Bath place, Mt. Eokbul Forest Bath place, Yuchi Natural Forest, Mt. Cheongwan Natural Forest

▶ Things to know

: Largest Palm tree road in Asia, Borim Temple with a monument of wandering poet Kim Satgat, stone (Sainjung) with 「Jeilgangsan」 carved by Kim Gu, Wangbi shrine of Jang Bo Go's daughter, Sunhak-dong tourist literary site of Chung-Jun Lee, shrine of Queen Gongyetaehu(Sungan Temple), Hweryeongjinsung of General Lee, Wolsongdoyoji of Jeosun White Porcelain, Mt. Yakda (Mt. Buyong), where Gorangji natural herbs grow

▶ Things to experience

: Sesi folk game, natural dyeing, memorial school reunion, experiencing ecosystem, traditional folk music of Jangheung, agricultural experience and learning experience for teenagers.

▶ Things to buy

: Chemical-free vegetables, grains, regional specialties, medicinal herb, agricultural product markets, traditional craft items


'Saturday Market' is built to regain the reputation as one of the 3 great markets of Jeonnam region.  As soon as the construction of Tamjin Dam and Mt. Eokbul Astronomical Science Museum is complete at the end of the year, the Market will be more loved by the tourists.


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