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Shimpo Harbor
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If you go to the west side sea of Gimje, which is well known as the horizontal sunset plain village, you can see the Jinbong peninsula, and at the end of the Jinbong peninsula, there is a small port. Many people visit this place, where Mangyeong river and Dongjin river meet with the West Sea, to enjoy the loneliness in the winder sea and the special foods, just like migratory birds.

During the low tide at Shimpo harbor, you can see a totally different world. The 4km long mud foreshore beyond the port will appear in front of you and you can't tell whether it is the sea line or the land line. In the unlimited foreshore, there are many bamboo shaped shellfish and clams that were used for the king's meal, so many people visit here to enjoy these foods. Meretrix lusoria, which grows at Shimpo harbor, is the special food of Shimpo. The Land Line Festival which was designated as a superior festival by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism in 2001 opens the "Catching Shells competition" and experiencing corners to attract travelers in Korea.

If you turn you head to the east side, you can see many houses form a village in the middle of the plain, there are Namsang, Namha and Seokso Village. Namsang and Namha Village raised 300 battle horses every year and gave them to the kingdom in the past. Seokso Village ground knives and lances and gave 5,000 whetstones to the kingdom.



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