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This is a tombstone and a lake bank in the ear of three states and it is located in Yongseong-li,Buryang-myeon, Jeonbuk.

This was designated as historical property No. 111. Gimje Byeokgoje is the largest and oldest lake bank in Korea. According to the 《Samguksagi》, it was built in 330 A.D. (Baekje dynasty, Biryu king 27) and expanded in 790 A.D. (Wonseong king 6).

Later, in the Gorea and Choseon dynasties, it was repaired.

The bank is from Pogyo-ri to Weolsung-ri which is a straight line from south to north and about 3km long; there are 3 pairs of huge stone pillar which indicate that they are gates to the lake. The original shape was damaged a lot by the construction to make the principal waterway in 1925. The bank was cut in half and farm water flows from the center.

According to the evacuation research in 1975, the north side bank height is 4.3m, south side is 3.3m, and 5.5m high two stone pillars were stood with 4.2m gap as the water door, and made 20cm width and 12cm deep groove on the side where it face to each other, and inserted a wooden board to adjust the amount of water. The stone bank is about 6m high and the lowest bank is 1.1m.



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