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Old Gunsan Isles
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Old Gunsan Isles include Sinsi-do, Seonyu-do, Jangja-do, Bangchuk-do, Yami-do, Munyeo-do, and about 10 small islands within 24km around Sinsi-do.   
Old Gunsan Isles was called the eight beauties of Yeonyu for its beautiful seas and is widely known for Yeonyu-do’s most colorful and bright sunset in summer, Samdoguibeom’s three neighboring islands that resemble fishing boats returning full of fish, Sinsi-do Yeolyeong’s autumn leaves that attracted Sir Choi, Chi-Won from the Shilla Empire, Pyeongsanagan whose silvery sand beach and hackberry tree resemble a wild goose, Mangju Waterfalls that has 7~8 veins of water falling vigorously in summer, and Musan 12 Peaks around Jangja-do.  Musan 12 Peaks is known for how its 12 peaks in 12 islands, including Jangja-do, Bangchuk-do, and Mal-do resemble soldiers wearing helmets when several hundreds of fishing boats light up in night to fish croaker.
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Old Gunsan Isles
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