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Migratory birds’ habitat of Geum river
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 Migratory birds’ habitat of Geum river
Geum river estuary bank, which has been constructed for 8 years with 100 billion won, was built completely in 1990. It was one of the development plans of Farm and Fishing Village Improvement Company, which was subject to 6 cities and counties in Chungnam and Jeonbuk. It can contain l30 million ton of water. 1,840m-long bank takes a role of bridge which connects Chungnam to Jeonbuk.
Estuary of Geum river, which is harmonized with reed woods, is spotlighted as a new migratory birds' habitat. In winter It is researched that swam, wild duck including haematopus ostralegus linnaeus and larus saundersi (rare birds in the world) live here. Observatory of migratory birds is constructed with the budget of 500 million won.

In the tourism area of Geum river estuary bank there are Riverside Park which contains various entertainment equipments such as sleigh park, Viking, and disco-taga and Geumgang Computer Game World which is equipped with 80 types of computer games. Drive-in outdoor theater (Drive-in theater at the Geum river estuary bank) is highlighted by the young
You can watch a movie comfortably enjoying the scenery of nature in the wide space of drive-in theater. You can also eat various foods around the entertainment park of Geum river estuary bank.

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Migratory birds’ habitat of Geum river
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