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Mt. Chiri Natural Recreation Forest
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 Mt. Chiri Natural Recreation Forest
- Basic Conditions
-Location :  San 161 and 4 pilji, Samjong-ri, Machun-myeon, Hanyang County, Gyungnam

-Area : 1429ha  -Natural features : Mt. Chiri Byukso pass Kwangdai valley and Birinei valley above the see level  600~700m 
-Available persons per day : 1,097 (Mountain lodge 272, Camping tech 325, General admission 500) 

-Characteristic  In Spring, under the remained snow on the Byeokso peak, we can enjoy the beauty of Sanbuk tree and the smell of Gorosoi. In summer, this is the perfect place for summer vacation with clean and plenty of water from Kwandai valley and Birinae valley. The valley of the Fall Mt. Chiri presents autumnal tints and also good places for climbing. In Winter, Mt. Chiri turns into quiet rest area for visitors to natural recreation forest. With reservation system, you may take a rest and experience the nature in convenient, simple and reasonable price.

- Visitor's information 
- Administration department : The Office of Forestry, West Area Forestry Administration Office, Hamyang National Forest Management Office (Recreation forest Management team)
- Tel : Mt. Chili  recreation  forest: 82-55-963-8133, 8166(FAX)                  Hamyang National Forest Management Office (Recreation forest Management team) : 82-55-963-8112Total Management Team : 82-55-963-1081 
- Reservation process (reservation available by phone, visiting or letter)    If you plan to visit recreation forest => Make a reservation.    Check the visiting date, the number of people, and amount and pay the reservation deposit. Confirm the reservation and get the information of preparation, using way of mountain lodge and approach way to recreation  forest

- Rent fee by facilities
-1 For family : No. 6 building  11 pyung (including 4 -pyung attic), No. 1 building  Available upto 10 persons (50,00 won )
-2 For family : No. 4 building  20 pyung (including 8- pyung attic), No. 1 building  Available upto20 persons (100,000 won ) 
-3 For family(log house) : 18 pyung  No. 1 building  Available up to 15 persons (100,000 won ) 
-Mountain Villa No. 1 building : Second floor  43 pyung  First floor  2 roomsAvailable up to 30 persons (100,000won), 2 floor  3 rooms(90,000won) 
-Group mountain lodge : No. 1 building  2 rooms 23 pyung  15 persons available per room(60,000 won ) 
-Forest Class : 4,000 won for an adult, 2,500 won for a youth 
-Admission fee : Adult(1,000 won, Group 800 won), Youth(600 won, Group 500 won), Child(300 won, 200 won for a group)
-Parking : Compact, medium size(3,000 won ), Large(5,000 won ) 
-Camp tech : 4,000 won/ set

- Facilities conditions

-Lodging facilities 

-Convenience facilities : Two pavilions, two cooking areas, two information centers, shelter, etc   
Sports facilities : Iron bar, parallel bar, upper body lift, crossing islands, etc 
Sanitary  facilities  : Six Rest rooms, five faucets, six areas of waist bin   
Outdoor education center 1, bridge 1, train lane 1, slop bridge 3, esplanade 2 2,500km   
Parking : 200 cars (5 parking lot: 150 cars, along the forest road: 50 cars)   
annex : electricity , telecommunication, underground water, water pipe, forest road 4.88km

- other

-Characteristic of recreation forest
This is on the boundary of byuksoryng valley(located at the turning point of Youngnam and Honam) and Chunyang peak (1,915.4m) of Mt. Chiri. This place is good for recreation as well as for summer vacation. This provides safe and convenient rest area to climbers, who visit Mt Chiri. It also presents natural education area to young adults and children with various educational facilites and sports areas to stimulate the health in mind and body through hands-on experience.

- Construction Background
To maximize the capability of forest resource, Mt. Chiri natural recreation forest is formed for health recovering, curing and preserving. This place enables to promote people's emotion and preserving of health. In addition, this place reminds of people's attention to the nature.

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