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Seongjubong natural resort
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 Seongjubong natural resort
Seongjubong natural resort is located in mountain 50, Namgok ri, Eunchuk myun.
It started in April, 1998 to build the resort, total ₩ 1,930,000,000. It was completed in 2 P.M June 29, 2001.
The ceremony of completion is held in the entrance of Seongjubong natural resort, many guests watching it.
It has least facilities because it regards the combination of the nature as important. There are 4 cabins, 1 resort inn, 11 rooms for the group reservation hiding in good position. They have excellent facilities that can provide various activities with 36 campsites, 4 tent sites, 1 autocamp 1 campfire site, 1 forest-education room. Comfortable arbor, overbridge, pool, fountain, parking lot are ready, too.  We are proud of Seongjubong natural resort where many people have a good time.
150m climbing course,well-consolidated natural trail, unique hiking course are well furnished.
[District area] 412ha
[Receptive capacity] Max 1,000 persons/1 day, adequate 600 Persons/1 day
[Administrative bureau] Sangju city hall
[Use reference] 81-54-541-6512 (Resort supervision)

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